Decision Making Lawyer

Decision making responsibility (formerly called custody) involves how important decisions for your child or children get made. This includes important medical, health, education, religious and cultural decisions. It also includes decisions involving extracurricular activities.

How decisions (custody) get made can cause parents a lot of stress. They may worry about how decisions are made if they have differing views or if they have difficulty communicating with each other. They may also worry about having a voice or say in the process.

Courts use the best interest test when determining how decisions get made for your child(ren). Using a skilled lawyer, parents can often negotiate a decision-making responsibility regime that works best for their children and family.

We understand that your child or children are the most important part of your life. Emily and Patrick have over a decade of combined experience resolving complicated family law matters involving parenting issues. We will discuss the facts of your case, the child(ren)’s needs, your wishes and come up with a decision making proposal together.